fabbster Kit 3D Printer, Model 11-1

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Technical Data : Max platform size 230mm x 230mm x 210mmRepeatability…

Technical Data :
Max platform size 230mm x 230mm x 210mm
<20 micrometers in XY axis
<14 micrometers in Z-layer within the layer
<0. 2 within the max platform size
Max speed 400 mm/s
Max power
primary 350W @ ~110V – 240V
secondary 24V
Extruder output 70W
Extruder temp 25 C – 390C
Heat up 300C in 30 sec
Standard Nozzle stainless steel, 0. 4mm bore
All axes with linear ball bearings on hardened D12 CoCr rods belt driven by stepper motors (7 micrometers @ micro quilting mode)

Parts :
Layer thickness 25 micrometers to 400 micrometers
Accuracy 0. 1mm or 0. 4% of nominal size (depending on material)
Min wall thickness 0. 7mm with standard nozzle
Materials PLA, ABS (further materials in development)
Software netfabb Engine for Fabbster (Win, Mac, Linux)

Fabbster kit
The fabbster prints three dimensional objects from different plastic materials. The device comes in a compact box as a partially assembled construction kit. Fabbster combines high quality 24V electronics and stepper drives guided by linear ball bearings with stainless steel rods and high-quality plastic components reinforced by fiberglass.
In addition, fabbster also introduces a new innovative technology for melting the consumption material.

SDM – Stick Decomposition Moulding
The extruder of the printer is fed with special sticks developed by the fabbster team. They are made by injection moulding with side cogging and have major advantages over circular filament that is subject to slip. The result is a precise dosage of the melt and optimal printed material properties.

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